Also known, on an industrial level, as basins, toilets are the most iconic and representative element of the bathroom.

ARCH Valadares, through its virtual catalogue, offers several models of toilets:

  • Wall-hung toilets (also called “murals”), which are connected to the wall, with no part touching the floor;
  • Closed coupled toilets, in which the plumbing is done through the floor or the wall behind the ceramic piece;
  • BTW toilets, installed directly on a support wall (the piping flows directly to the wall, being hidden);
  • Disabled toilets, that improve the quality of life of our elderly customers or those with reduced mobility problems;
  • Children’s toilets, highly sought after by schools, day-care centers and colleges, but also by individuals who want to encourage their children’s autonomy in all aspects, even when using the bathroom.

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