The Company


The project ARCH – Advanced Research Ceramic Heritage invests in a strategy focused on the future, respecting, nonetheless, the legacy of the Valadares brand which embodies a centenial history.

Combining tradition with innovation and design, with 100% Portuguese production and a strong environmental component, ARCH aims to revolutionize the ceramic bathroom industry market with the development of new materials, as well as expanding the scope of Ceramics to new fields of application.

Innovation as a design

The ARCH project is based on operational and strategic assets embodied in the VALADARES brand and the potential arising from the creative freedom of a new business project.

Innovation is a goal for ARCH:
Ensuring the production of articles with personalized design, marked brand identity, and connotated with a very strong image of quality;
Taking advantage of the know-how of almost a century of activity, to which are added unrivaled R&D skills in the sector;
Developing and applying innovative and exclusive materials such as Gresanit® or HighPor®, as one of the differentiating examples in quality and technical performance compared to competitors.

Research as a working tool

With qualified staff and a laboratory for the development of tests and analytical processes in Ceramics, ARCH brings together the ideal conditions for Operational Research and the control of R&D implementation processes. The mastery of the performance of raw materials and the optimization of the best forming techniques for sanitary pieces, represent a critical factor to implement innovative solutions.
At ARCH, the R&D field of action is vast and multifaceted.
The design of a product requires the development of new tools, machines, refractory pieces, packaging, non-ceramic components, etc.
Ceramic knowledge was integrated and consolidated for many years by Valadares, being completely internalized.


ARCH Valadares seeks to grow and develop as a reference company in its activity, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, suppliers and investors, for the quality of its products, innovation of its solutions, services, relationship and environmental performance.


ARCH’s mission is to offer its customers high quality sanitary ware and products with differentiated characteristics and adjusted to their needs, through environmentally sustainable processes.

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