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We use cookies to improve performance and your experience as a user.
Cookies are small files that store data on the computer, TV, mobile phone or other device of the data subject who uses certain services.
They allow the entity that places the cookie on the device to recognize it on different websites, services, devices and / or browsing sessions.
At any time, the user can, through his internet browser (browser) decide to be notified about the receipt of cookies, as well as block the respective entry in his system.


Refusing to use cookies on the website, may result in the impossibility of having access to some of its areas or receiving personalized information.
Our website uses the use of functional cookies to record information about our users’ options and allow us to customize our website to their needs; for example, memorizing the source language or region or that a user has already completed filling out a survey.
The recorded information is anonymous and is only intended for the purpose indicated above.
We can use, directly or indirectly, web analytics services to assess the effectiveness of our content and the preferences of our users that allow us to contribute to the optimization of the functioning of this website.

In addition, we use web beacons or tracking pixels to account for the number of visitors and performance cookies to monitor how individual users access our website and how often.
This information is used only for statistical purposes without identifying any particular user.


However, for registered users who are connected to the website, we may proceed with the combined use of this information with the data collected via web analytics services and cookies to analyze how visitors use this website in more detail.
This website does not use the use of targeting cookies to promote targeted advertising to our visitors.

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