Created in 2004, Gresanit had a gestation period of 2 years. During this period the conception of a product that would act as a bridge between chinaware and stoneware was the main concern for the firm’s ID & T group.

Created in 2004, Gresanit had a gestation period of 2 years. During this period the conception of a product that would act as a bridge between chinaware and stoneware was the main concern for the firm’s ID & T group.

The product obtained turned out to be an ex-libris, if we bear in mind that the firm until that moment had been importing common stoneware items to commercialize in Portugal and then started exporting the same ceramic items in Gresanit to those same countries from where it used to import. This fact alone certifies the commercial value of Gresanit and its imposition towards the common stoneware.

However, Gresanit is not a mere product used to manufacture ceramic items as an alternative to common stoneware. It goes far beyond in its multiple applications, from the ultra-slim shower trays, to the technical components and catalyzers, not to mention the finishing of biology laboratory hoods.

During the development of this product, several aspects that provided the basis to carry out the project were taken into account. All of them with the goal of coming up with something that would not only satisfy the target public, but also be environmental friendly.

Thus, from the beginning, it was a condition that the product to develop would not produce waste which would be alienated from the facilities.

Within this context, the possibility of using all the waste, inevitably obtained in the manufacturing of the sanitary, was considered.

These premises were always part of the equation while the development of the product took place.

The final result that we already know and that is patent on the product, which is already widely distributed all over the world with whom the firm has commercial relations, certifying the product. Besides the underlying concepts which have already been mentioned, it is an undeniable reality:

Indeed, Gresanit is a revolutionary product that successfully fills in a huge gap between chinaware and common stoneware which has persisted to this day.

In addition to the foregoing inherent features, which make it a unique product, we highlight the following:

  • Half the weight compared to identical stoneware workpieces;
  • More than twice the resistance of the common stoneware’s mechanics;
  • Resistant to fire glazing for a lifetime, unlike the common stoneware;
  • Attainment of 6mm thick workpieces.

Gresanit was formulated to reintegrate all the resulting waste from its own processing, as well as part of the waste produced during the processing of chinaware, making it environmental friendly , not only due to the reintegration carried out by recycling, but also by the reduction of the extraction of raw material used for its manufacturing.

Moreover, Gresanit cares for no previous treatment in order to be integrated in the sanitary ceramic manufacturing process circuit, since it uses the same means since the preparation of raw material to the final firing, keeping up with the ongoing chinaware workpieces in the production chain.

It was, it is and it will be a challenge in which we are all committed to, as there is still a long way to run and the development of this product, bright in its essence, has not yet finished. We, therefore, expect to have more news during the year 2016.

HIGHCER® A new material. One more step towards the future.

Waterproof – Ultra-resistant – Ultrathin – Water-repellent – Anti-slip

These are the main features of HighCer®, the new ceramic material developed by ARCH’s Innovation and Development Center, which integrate some the best national sanitarists. The same team that developed #Gresanit® for sanitary applications of big dimensions has now conceived this new material taking one step towards the future. With a considerably higher resistance than any other ceramic material on the market, HighCer® is intended to develop application products in technical coatings or pieces subjected to a demanding usage, opening a solution development field for Kitchens, Hospitals and Schools or even for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The versatility of usage (still in an initial phase of exploration) is also one of the greatest advantages of this material that will be commercialized throughout 2016. With this new ceramic material created by ARCH’s Innovation and Development Center an important step towards the affirmation of the technical capacity of the recently created firm. Thus, it marks the ambition of considering Innovation the main tool for future success, trying to guarantee more than 94 years of existence of one of most well-known and highly respected Portuguese brands.

HIGHFLUSH is a new flushing system composed by a multiple features electronic control module and a solenoid valve feed directly from mains water supply.

This new equipment will be used in future projects of ARCH Valadares and pursues the following objectives: -Reduction of water consumption. -New installation solutions. -New concepts of sanitary equipment. -Continuous discharges without the cistern refilling -Elimination of the toilet filling noise. This equipment offers several features such as: -Power supply 12V via transformer 220 V /12 V -Battery built in parallel with the main power
 equipment. -Touch control with dual flush. -Cleaning Module. -Discharge timing adjustment according pressure water supply.