SINCE 1921

Valadares has more than 90 years of History of quality in the production of sanitary ceramic.

A brand with so many years has mandatorily to have a “Soul” built by experience and knowledge on ceramic and gains “Body” in the dedication and competence of its Employees and Partners.

Throughout the times, the brand has gathered years of knowledge and experience, innovating through the continuous optimization and conception of new pieces.

Valadares – Original Bathrooms



On April 25 the society “Fábrica Cerâmica de Valadares, Lda” is founded by six men from northern Portugal, having a share capital of 140.000 escudos.

20th Decade

The 20th decade is dedicated to the production of red clay products ( bricks and tiles, ovens to bake bread, forks, siphons , various tiles and sanitary ware.

The 30’s

Starts the production of stoneware to which it would dedicate itself for more than 20 years, becoming famous for the refinement of the variety of workpieces and design in the Portuguese decorative ceramic area.


Industrial progress and expansion of its factory facilities.


Valadares establishes itself nationally and internationally as a paradigm in quality and technical capacity, always avant-garde concerning the prestige of its products.

80th Decade

From the 80th decade on: following the world trends and sectorial concern with the specialization of the producers, Valadares starts de dedicating itself exclusively to the production of sanitary ceramic and ceramic accessories for the bathroom.

The 90’s

Its exporting capacity achieves remarkable levels, being present in more than 70 countries.


Presentation and commercialization of sanitary workpieces made in Gresanit.


Valadares won a mention from the Jury in Tektonica’08, a fair dedicated to innovation in construction materials.


ARCH (Advanced Research Ceramic Heritage) SA was created in order to materialize a new entrepreneurial reality, whose main goal is the recovery of the industrial and commercial activity of the brand Valadares.