A new material. One more step towards the future.

Waterproof – Ultra-resistant – Ultrathin – Water-repellent – Anti-slip

These are the main features of HighCer, the new ceramic material developed by ARCH’s Innovation and Development Center, which integrate some the best national sanitarists. The same team that developed Gresanit for sanitary applications of big dimensions has now conceived this new material taking one step towards the future.


With a considerably higher resistance than any other ceramic material on the market, HighCer is intended to develop application products in technical coatings or pieces subjected to a demanding usage, opening a solution development field for Kitchens, Hospitals and Schools or even for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The versatility of usage (still in an initial phase of exploration) is also one of the greatest advantages of this material that will be commercialized throughout 2016.
With this new ceramic material created by ARCH’s Innovation and Development Center an important step towards the affirmation of the technical capacity of the recently created firm. Thus, it marks the ambition of considering Innovation the main tool for future success, trying to guarantee more than 94 years of existence of one of most well-known and highly respected Portuguese brands.

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