Arch invests in a strategy towards the future, however always respecting the historical legacy of the brand Valadares. This industrial project will take advantage of the facilities and know-how of the employees and the visibility of the brand acquired throughout more than 90 years of existence.

Allying tradition, innovation and design, with a 100% national production and a strong environmental component, ARCH commits not only to revolutionize the sanitary ceramics industry market, but also to guarantee the development of new material and implement the applicability of ceramics in several sectors/products.

The project ARCH has an effective established industrial capacity and access to experienced and qualified workforce, which supports its strong presence as a reference brand in its sector and creates the possibility to recover the industrial heritage of Valadares.

Former managing staff of the extinct Valadares Ceramic carried out an industrial project based on the recovery of part of the industrial capacity resulting from the resizing of the former facilities. This new project recovers the material heritage and the remarkable gathered experience in ceramics, consequent of 94 of History of one of the most well-known Portuguese brands.

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• Constitute itself as an innovative firm and leader in sanitary concepts
• Reconstitute competences and capacity associated to the brand Valadares
• Offer flexibility and creativity in the challenges of its clients
• Broaden horizons of ceramic application