Installing a shower or bathtub in a bathroom is a process that involves time and equipment, so it is advisable to carefully consider both solutions before the final decision.

Each piece has its own advantages perfectly adapting to your own lifestyle and needs.

Learn about the main characteristics of bathtubs and showers that you should consider and find all about ARCH Valadares solutions.


Famous for being quite functional and versatile, this is a piece that fits into any bathroom.

  • One of the shower main advantages is space saving. The shower is the ideal solution for maller bathrooms since there are so many shapes and sizes available that allow you to maximize space.
  • It is also very convenient because it allows quick and efficient showers.
  • Showers are also eco friendly solutions especially when combined with thermostatic taps.
  • Finally, accessibility is also a great pro. All family members can use this solution without any constraints.


Egg Shower Tray
Douro Plus Shower Tray
Aqua Shower Tray
Danilo Shower Tray
Lusa Shower Tray
Berna Shower Tray
Aris Shower Tray
Pádua Shower Tray
Luca Shower Tray
Duccio Shower Tray


Bathtubs are famous for creating the relaxing atmosphere everyone looks for in a bathroom. They really stand out by adding refinement and luxury to spaces.

  • This is a solution that invites to relax at the end of the day because it allows the possibility of installing a hydromassage system.
  • Suitable for families with toddlers, allowing parents to bathe their children in a safe and convenient way.
  • Available in many shapes and sizes, the bathtub easily fits any design.
  • It is the main feature for vintage style bathrooms.


Classic Bathtub
Lux Bathtub
Star Bathtub
Egg Bathtub
Zen Bathtub
Zen Bathtub
Pacific Bathtub

The best of both worlds

When in doubt, choose a bathtub with a side panel. This option includes some advantages of the two mentioned solutions. Now you just have to choose between the shower and the bathtub, with total freedom and without any constraints. It is a win-win solution that ends with all the indecisions when choosing the best for your bathroom.

Side panel for bathtubs