Before selecting and purchasing a thermostatic shower mixer it is important to understand its advantages. These taps are a safe, economical and convenient solution to use in showers and bathtubs because they control setpoint temperature throughout the shower.

ARCH Valadares has six types of thermostatic taps that combine functionality with design. Learn all about these taps and find all the ARCH Valadares options.

What are thermostatic control taps and how do they work?

Thermostatic taps include a thermostatic shower valve inside. This device, which controls and regulates water temperature, ensures constant water temperature for your shower. In the same way that the water temperature is standardized, the thermostat also allows you to set the ideal temperature, every shower.

What are the benefits of thermostatic taps?

  • Safety

The first and most important advantage is safety. Thermostatic taps are best suited to prevent scalds or sudden cold water flows. The constant water temperature during the shower, without drastic variations, makes it much safer for adults, but especially for children.

  • Energy Savings

In addition to being safe, thermostatic taps are also an energy-saving solution. With the thermostat setting the required temperature, you don’t need to adjust it until you start enjoying your bath. This allows substantial water and time savings.

  • Health

It is true that we all have different ideal temperatures for the shower, but dermatologists indicate that the water flow should not exceed 44º, adding that the ideal is 38º. Very hot water can impair hydration and may even cause skin damage. Water temperature can and should contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and beautiful skin. By controlling the water temperature, the thermostatic taps cancel out the risk of scalding with unexpected extreme temperatures, thus promoting the health of your skin.

ARCH Valadares has ten thermostatic shower and bath taps available in different styles. Some solutions include flow limiters or safety brakes, at 38º, adding more advantages to the thermostatic taps installation.

Thermostatic chrome plated bath mixer with safety lock at 38ºC.

Thermostatic chrome plated shower mixer, safety lock at 38º, flow limit 50%.

External chrome plated part for built-in single lever shower mixer, complete with mixer.

External chrome plated part for built-in single lever bath-shower mixer, complete of mixer and automatic diverter.

Thermostatic chrome plated wall mounted shower mixer, safety lock at 38º.

Chrome plated thermostatic shower mixer.

Chrome plated thermostatic bath mixer.

Thermostatic chrome plated wall mounted shower mixer with adjustable shower column. Safety lock at 38ºC.

Thermostatic shower mixer with rotating shower column, hand shower and square head shower.

Thermostatic shower mixer with rotating shower column, hand shower and round head shower.
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