New colors, new fabrics, new decor styles. This autumn and winter are full of new interior decor trends. Besides the design, these new trends make spaces more comfortable and tempting, as it is intended in the colder seasons. Stay tuned for new trends for this Fall / Winter and choose the one that best fits your home:

Goodbye White and Millennial Rose. Hello Green, Blue and Black!


White and millennial pink, which have been very strong in the earlier seasons, now give way to darker and enveloping colors like green, blue and black.

According to the trends these colors should be adopted in monochrome scenarios. Mainly in living rooms, these colors define themselves as ultramodern. Even better if the chosen accessories are matte! The trick is to play with lighting, preferably warm to create cozy and more intimate environments.

Colour Blocking

Another very strong trend is the so-called color blocking. Here, geometry rules for the creation of dynamic and energetic environments.
Why not playing with contrasting blocks of color, whether in wall painting or simply in the decorative elements. Choose dark colors and contrast with lighter ones like yellow or pink blush.

Welcome velvet into your house

Luxurious and super comfortable this is one of the most cozy fabrics to use in these cold seasons. Combine it with rougher, more natural textures such as wood, raffia or metal and ceramics. If there is no budget for a sofa or an armchair, use some velvet cushions.

Geometric walls

Tiles are back, but with more shapes, more colors and more reliefs! Squares and rectangles are already outdated and the new shapes challenge geometry in a fun way. This trend is very versatile, because it allows the combination with either more modern and minimalist styles or more traditional and elaborate.

Choose minimalism and nature

Japanese minimalism inspired this Fall / Winter 2017 decor trend. Well-defined and balanced lines, handcrafted and natural materials create a serene and pleasant environment.

Nature is still on the spotlight just like in the previous seasons. Therefore indoor plants are a keeper. In addition to purifying the air, they create a more natural and lively environment. Consider plants like orchids, bromeliads or the simple but always pretty succulents.

Precious stones are also to keep at home this season. But this time, marble gives way to quartz. The white stones are also outdated. Green and pink stand out in stones like quartz or agate. Use them as decorative elements by themselves or in accessories such as book holders or storage boxes.

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