When furniture arrangement and decoration no longer meets your needs or no longer pleases you, the best solution is living space renovation or even a full house makeover. A renovation provides you with the opportunity to change the area, redefine space and substitute decorative elements, without resorting to remodelling. The main objective of a renovation is, in general, well being. So before moving on with all the changes, imagine them, share ideas, and discuss them. Here you can find some renovation guidelines for the main rooms in the house:


Renovating a bathroom is a good opportunity to make this a more welcoming and relaxing area. Before proceeding with the changes, consider the following:

Following the trend

Choose a guiding decorative style as you make the renovation in order to get a perfect result. If you prefer a more classic decor, go for a revivalist style collection, such as the Neoclassical collection. If you are looking for a more minimalist and modern decoration, choose simple but robust and harmonious lines, like the ones of the One collection.

How about a bathtub?

If your bathroom renovation allows some free space, why not having a bathtub? A bathtub will certainly give you everyday relaxing moments. But if you do not have enough space, choose a shower tray. This is one of the most effective solutions for small bathrooms.

Do not forget the lighting. As natural as possible

Make the most of natural light during the renovation. The mirror is an old trick, but it’s always a hit. Place a large mirror in a strategic location so as to enhance the light coming through the windows.


Light, again! This is another room where it is essential to ensure that it is well lit and airy. This is one of the most private areas of the house and where we must be completely relaxed, enjoying quiet nights and having sweet dreams. Invest in neutral and light tones. If you don’t want to paint, choose wallpaper or vinyl elements to give the walls a different look.


When redecorating a living room, don’t overcrowd it. Redecorating, without adding more elements, can be a big challenge. But it is here that you will receive family and friends and where you will spend good evenings, so make sure there is enough space and that the room breathes. Sofa, television and some personal belongings are the basics, but there are those who appreciate plants or want to be surrounded by photographs. Remember: the goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.



In this room, functionality is more important than the design. The rule “less is more” is gold in for the kitchen. Here you will need space to move around and cook comfortably. An island may be an option to consider, although it requires some work done. Still, choose to free up as much space on the benches. Maximize storage in the pantry. Light is also very important, so if you do not have sufficient natural light, use many lamps and strong lighting. For colors, choose lighter tones and avoid patterns.

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