The bathroom is the most personal and intimate room of the house, so it should be a harmonious, simple and quiet space.
Use your holiday energy to remodel your bathroom. Changing the walls can be the starting point. Just a handful of creativity and the choice of the right materials. Find inspiration with our suggestions.

Emotions Inside Pictures

Make a selection of pictures you enjoy: artwork, holiday photographs or even drawings of family children. Frame them and hang them on the walls of your bathroom. It will give them a more personal and very unique imprint. You can frame some mirrors. Apart from the peculiar decorative effect, you will have more depth and luminosity in the room.

Go for hydraulic tiles and wallpaper

Usually we associate hydraulic tiles and wallpaper with vintage decor, but the truth is that these options can be an original and modern alternative to traditional tiles. Especially designed bathroom wallpaper is a solution that has gained ground when it comes to bathroom design ideas.

Mosaic tiles are always a good option

This is always the right choice for the areas that create moisture, especially near the bathtub or shower. The easy cleaning and the fact that it is totally waterproof are this covering main advantages. On the other hand, this type of tile infinite combinations allow you to adapt this wall to the rest of the bathroom decoration. When in doubt, choose neutral colors so that the remaining walls can stand out within the overall room decor.

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