Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) is the first medical campus in Singapore with outpatient clinic, community hospital and general intensive care hospital.

The team behind this project shaped the efforts of the Singapore Ministry of Health to provide all citizens with affordable, high-quality care. The complex, which includes Jurong Community Hospital, integrates all medical services and care into one space. Following the same philosophy, services such as imaging, pharmacy, catering, training rooms and warehouses were strategically allocated in order to facilitate sharing between the different hospital units.

Backed by a sustainable design strategy, the CPG architects (atelier responsible for the project) have created a facility that functions as a vertical healing garden. “To each patient a window” was one of the mandatory requirements for engineers and architects. Green spaces and natural light, as well as access to vegetation areas located on the terraces, provide a favorable therapeutic environment, contributing to the physical and psychological well-being of each patient.

Seventy percent of the facilities are naturally ventilated, and only thirty percent has air conditioning. Thermal mass, ceiling fans, cross ventilation and outdoor shading ensure that the temperature stays comfortable throughout the day. Oriented in order to reduce sun exposure and capture the surrounding winds, the hospital also has an innovative floor system that allows twice the amount of natural ventilation. The project also includes solar thermal hot water heating, and a set of photovoltaic panels that ensure energy self-sufficiency. To achieve the best results, the architects used detailed models of computational fluid dynamics, as well as shading analysis, climate analysis, daylight modeling, and power modeling.

In 2017, AIA COTE selected this project as one of the best examples of excellence in sustainable design.