No longer seen just as functional spaces, where we have to go when nature calls, bathrooms are now true temples of privacy in the hectic pace of our days. Or at least, that’s how we idealize them. The inspiration we get from magazines is not always enough to give life to our project. Before that, it is necessary to think about the functionality of the elements, their relationship to each other and to the available space.

To make this task easier, there are some rules that experience has determined as law. The aim is to ensure that your bathroom is a practical, balanced and harmonious space, regardless of the desired decoration, or the choice of colors. Unlike what it is usual, this time we will not tell you what to do, but rather what not to do.

Slippery floor

Materials such as glazed tile, or polished stone, may look like workable solutions to the floor of your bathroom. But in reality, they are an accident waiting to happen. Especially when we leave the tub and put our wet foot on the floor. Just a small miscalculation and we have a guaranteed visit to the hospital. Of course we can always cover the bathroom floor with rugs and towels to reduce the risk of slipping, but if chaos is not your style, we suggest you consider other options.

Absence of natural light

The use of natural light is a widespread trend among architects and decorators. And bathrooms are no exception. The benefits are obvious. In addition to allowing greater savings in the electricity bill, natural light gives spaces a special brightness that no lamp can reproduce. A properly oriented window (south or north, depending on the hemisphere), or the opening of a skylight, may be enough to create a lighter and cozy environment.

Bathrooms near the kitchen

Under no circumstances should bathrooms be near the kitchen.
This is a matter of hygiene and common sense. In restaurants, you’ve probably already had to refuse the last table, precisely because it was too close to the bathroom. The same applies in our homes.

Toilets facing the door

In this case, what should be a moment of privacy, can quickly become an embarrassing situation. In a bathroom, the toilet should be as far away from the door as possible, preferably at an angle to maintain privacy if someone opens the door by mistake.

Now that you know what not to do, it will be easier to focus on what you need to do. Enjoy the tips and get to work.