The bathroom is the most personal and intimate room of the house, so it should be a harmonious, simple and quiet space. This is the space where the days begin and end, so the ideal is to reflect balance and serenity, which often contrasts with the rest of the day.

To achieve a relaxing and serene atmosphere in the bathroom, there are some ideas to take into consideration:

Neutral colors

Tone harmony of ceramic dishes, coverings and the furniture itself should be preserved. Neutral tones, such as white, gray, ochre, and beige, should prevail. Colorful notes may pop up discreetly.


Raw materials

In Zen atmospheres the most common materials are natural or little industrialized: wood or stone. One or more types of materials may be used for a balanced and custom space.


Natural light

If possible, you should go for large windows in order to enjoy all the natural light. Here, coverings also have an important function to maximize the sunlight coming through the window. If it is not possible to have large windows, focus on indirect and subtle lights, such as candles, thus providing a favorable atmosphere for resting and even for meditating.


Simple Decor

The choice of decorative objects for a Zen atmosphere should be properly thought. Choose smooth elements, organic lines and neutral or pastel colors. Indoor plants can work  as a decorative element, because they match this type of environment and grant a natural look, harmony and elegance to the space.