From the 14th to 18th March,  ARCH Valadares participated in the ISH, the largest world fair of sanitary ware, construction and renewable energy technologies. In this biennial event, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, the participating companies presented their latest eco-friendly ideas on innovation and development.

ARCH Rimless System

On the way to a more sustainable future, ARCH Valadares presented at the fair the new Rimless solution – characterized by the elimination of the runoff / basing’ drainage channel- discharge / basins cleaning system, similar to those already on the market, but with A level of performance that allows cleaning to 100% of the surface.

The Rimless system has the unique advantage of allowing full access to the water flow zone inside the basin, ensuring the most complete cleaning and hygiene of the sanitary appliance. This solution, required by the market in recent years, represents a challenge in terms of water flow management within the basin, which by default does not ensure complete cleaning and by excess promotes water projection to the outside.

It is indeed common to check that Rimless systems either do not meet the splash test requirement or, if they do, they do not clean the entire interior surface. It is common to see advertising designations such as “we assure 95% of the clean area”.

So the challenge was to design a solution that would guarantee the integral cleaning and elimination of splashes and the integral construction in ceramics, a material mastered by ARCH and that ensures maximum strength and durability.

Therefore, ARCH, making use of its long experience in sanitary design, has made a seemingly similar solution to other existing ones, but that in detail presents three fundamental differences:

– 100% cleaning, fully complying with the European standard;

– Total absence of splashes;

– Reduction of water flow required for cleaning.


Highflush System

The Highflush discharge system was also featured as an innovative solution distinguished by improved performance, new installation possibilities and greater convenience.

The Highflush discharge system, consisting of a control unit, a solenoid valve and a power supply unit, has been developed with the aim of providing a single solution to cover many types of sanitary installations such as suspended sanitary ware, BTW, public facilities or people with reduced mobility.

The control unit is part of the control board and controls the opening time of the solenoid valve. The activation is done by touch or by approximation (depends on the selected parameterization) of a finger in the central part of the control plate. If the touch or approximation of the finger is instantaneous we will have a short discharge. If the touch or approach time is prolonged (about 3 seconds) we will have a greater discharge. System Features:

– Control plate cleaning mode. This feature allows you to disable the system for cleaning;

– Full discharge (4L) and half discharge (2L);

– Parameterization of the discharge time according to the supply conditions of the water supply network;

– Possibility to parameterize the approach distance for the drive;

– Water tank / reservoir dispensing, reducing usage noise;

– Consumption savings estimated at 15%.