Vintage decor, charming and romantic, takes us to the 20’s, where the spaces had a unique personality.
To get a vintage style bathroom means relying on details. The key pieces of this style should be able to tell stories.
These are some suggestions for a nostalgic vintage space, but not too heavy.


Wood details

Wood gives a romantic, personal and vintage look to a bathroom. If the brownish tone of the wood does not match the other shades of the style, choose lacquered wood. In antique stores you can find furniture or elegant decoration pieces, although they may have to be restored.


Organic Shaped Ceramics

Look for rounded and decorated pieces, different from the straight lines of modern ceramics. The Neoclassical collection fits perfectly in this type of vintage spaces. The simplicity and personality of these pieces transform the bathroom into a very unique and original space. The detail of the wooden toilet seat translates, in fullness, the essence of this style.


sanita e lavatorio arch valadares_neoclassica


Bathtub, the central piece

In the 1920s, immersion baths were more common than today, due to the importance given to the daily relaxation moment. The bathtub was the central piece of a bathroom and of suites too. The bathtub is fundamental for defining the vintage style of a bathroom. In addition to offering the room a more refined environment, a large bathtub will make rest and relaxation a must-have on a day-to-day basis.


banheiras arch valadares_neoclassica


Original coverings

Tile or wallpaper. The glossy white tile in a bathroom is quickly associated with the vintage style. However, if you do not appreciate tile, choose wallpaper with vintage motifs.


Heavy detailed accessories

Accessories should go heavy on details. Faucets, towel racks, hangers and soap dispensers. All deserve extra prominence in a vintage bathroom. For an even more welcoming vintage environment, place a vase with natural flowers in this space and enjoy.